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Rich Landscaping is a full service landscape company that has been serving the greater Puget Sound region for the past 37 years. Our primary focus is maintaining commercial properties.  I’m not going to tell you that we are the best company although a lot of our customers believe that we are.  What we believe in is family!  Family is what has driven this companies success, several employees have started  their families with Rich’s and we are happy to say that we have a second generation working  their way through college and working with the company.  Rich Landscaping is different from most companies we don’t consider any of our employees seasonal workers, everyone works year round.  This in turn helps us continue quality service and enables us to enhance not just maintain your properties throughout the year.

     Service is one of our best qualities; we have a strong team that works closely with customers to make sure that their needs are being taken care of.  We offer a wide array of extra services that can take care of most landscape needs.  Our enhancement team is equipped to install any sized upgrades to your landscape.  The extra work we do can consist of barking or mulching an entire property to tree trimming and upgrading irrigation systems.  Of course we have successfully upgraded many landscapes using new fresh concepts that are pleasing to the eye (or eye catching).

Rich Landscaping has its own composting site witch manufactures compost based soils. We have a full tree and shrub nursery that carries a wide variety of products.  Some of our services include; line jetting, drainage work, aeration and thatching, all types of hardscapes and water features.

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